Sheet-metal Fabrication Lewisville NC

Sheet-metal Fabrication Lewisville NC

The sheet metal fabrication process is not a very old engineering procedure. Before the invention, people would use hand tools and accessory gears to fabricate all kinds of metal by forcing the hand to make every incision. Advanced technology allows engineers to use various logics and mechanical methods to create helpful manufacturing schemes.

Different metals require different fabrication strategies. The manner of the process involves also depends on the ultimate purpose of the material. Sheet metals have a usage in various procedures in the metal industry. The fabrication process has to consider all the different cutting styles that will give the desired result without breaking the metal.

Bending the metal

  • Form bending

The easiest way of fabrication is to form metal bending. The process involves bending the metal over a hammer or sharp edge.

  • Metal braking

This common technique bends metal to a precise angle and shape. It happens by bending the metal over a flat surface with the weight of a flat bar on top.

Metal cutting

  • Use of hand shears

This sheet-metal fabrication in Lewisville NC method is also known as aviation snips and involves cutting the metal with manual shears. It is one of the earliest forms of metal cutting.

  • Use of power shears

This process is an advanced method of hand shear fabrication. Colts Cooling will incorporate this method to cut the metal fast and with minimal effort. Power shears come in many versions, such as electric shears and pneumatic shears.

  • Use of throatless shears

These tools are highly convenient for metals with tight radii. They are also great when one is trying to minimize the production of waste.

  • Angle grinders

This tool is an electric shear grinder that spins the attached wheel or disc to make cutting in the metal.

  • Plasma cutters

These cutters are fast and have one of the highest levels of precision. They are perfect for making long straight incisions and do not need plenty of clean up.

Metal shrinking

  • Tucking the metal

Tucking the metal involves grouping together the hammer and the form.

  • Using a shrinker

One operates the shrinker using hand or foot. It includes moving the textured jaws to grab the sheet metal from both the bottom and the top and clamping it together. The shrinker is highly convenient for tucking metal and leaving minimum signs of a cut.  

  • Using a heat shrinker

Fabricators are great for heating an area that has a natural stretch from the use of a torch and resumes its size after cooling.

Metal stretching

  • Use of a hammer and a dolly

Sheet-metal fabrication in Lewisville NC will increase the surface and cause ultimate stretching. You can alternate the method to use sandbag and plastic mallet, which will quicken the stretching process.

  • Using an English wheel

This process works like an anvil to cause a stretch of the metal. The motor is convenient to smooth out imperfections in the previously cut metal.

  • Using a stretcher

This works with the opposite functionality of a shrinker. The tool pulls apart the metal using mechanical force of pushing a lever with the hand or foot.




Sheet-metal Fabrication Lewisville NC

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Sheet-metal Fabrication Lewisville NC

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