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Are you researching Ottawa heating contractors to determine who you want to do business with? Consider AirZone HVAC Services for all of your heating needs. Whether you’re currently experiencing problems with your heating system or are considering a new furnace to replace your out-dated one, you’ll find AirZone’s technicians to be reliable and highly experienced.

You may be familiar with the term ‘radiant floor heating’, and if so, you may even be considering what radiant floor heating can do for the comfort level in your home. The fact is that upon the installation of radiant heat under your floor, your family will experience all of the benefits that come with the ‘barefoot’ comfort of heat that radiates from your home’s floors.

AirZone carries efficient boilers for radiant systems. Their most popular products come from their major supplier, Bosch and offer a terrific balance between efficiency, longevity and performance. AirZone HVAC Services carries Bosch boilers because they offer the best warranty in the industry- a limited lifetime heat exchanger and a limited 5 year parts warranty. As one of the leading Ottawa heating contractors in the area, AirZone is dedicated to choosing suppliers that back up their products.

One of the differences you’ll find between AirZone and other local Ottawa heating contractors is that AirZone HVAC is totally committed to their clients. If you’re on a budget and looking to find the very best product for your investment, AirZone can definitely help you with that. Replace your old boiler with a new model and enjoy huge savings on your utility bills month after month. A new Bosch system can also offer a very quiet operation due to special insulation. Their Greenstar line offers an amazing 95% AFUE, meaning almost all of your fuel is converted into heat!

If you’d like to learn more about radiant floor heating, Consider calling AirZone at 613-592-5770 to speak with one of their techs about how a radiant system can greatly improve the comfort level of your home in the winter. Not all Ottawa heating contractors offer an in-house, certified radiant heating designer to their customers, however AirZone does, in order to perfect a system for your home, whether for a new construction or a retrofit installation.

You’ll find that AirZone’s expertise with radiant floor heating can provide a high quality custom system for your home that is backed by one of the best guarantees you’ll find. Consider visiting their website at, where you can watch their radiant heating video that you’ll find under the ‘Heating’ heading. Under the drop down list, choose ‘Radiant Floor Heating’.

If you should decide that you want to learn even more after watching the video, simple contact a tech from AirZone to request a consultation in your home.

You’ll love working with one of the most reliable Ottawa heating contractors in the industry. Enjoy peace of mind all winter long, knowing that your home is being heated and protected by the best products, and by the most dedicated contractors in the region.

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