How Much For Air Conditioning Installation

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How Much For Air Conditioning Installation

In the summer, using your fan at its optimum speed might not be enough to keep your body away from the heat. This is why you need to install an air-conditioning system in your homes and office.

It typically costs between £2500 and £6000 to install an air conditioner.

Looking for an excellent contractor to handle your air conditioning installation is important because an incorrect installation could reduce the efficiency of the air conditioning by up to 30%.

Cost before installation

Before installing an AC into your home, a contractor would first need to evaluate your home. The contractor would carry out what is known as a “load audit” to determine the AC preference that would be best for your home based on the amount of heat that your home gets in a day.

Another thing that you should do before installing an AC is to request the contractor also to carry out an energy audit. An energy audit will help you to know if there is an air leak or anything that could decrease energy efficiency and increase the cost of running an AC if it is to be installed. An energy audit only cost about £150 – £200.

Cost of AC installation

the cost of installing an air conditioner depends on the type of air conditioning system you want to install. For example, installing a central air AC system would cost between £2500 to £5,500, whereas it would cost between £1,500 to £10,000 to install a ductless split system.

AC unit cost

After a contractor performs a load audit on your home, he would recommend the best AC type that suits you based on his assessment of your home. There are four types of AC systems he would recommend from.

  • Window unit: this is a single unit air conditioning system that works from the window and can only efficiently cool one or two rooms depending on the rooms' size. It costs between £400 and £800
  • Split air conditioning system: this is a three-part air conditioning.
  •  A system with an indoor evaporation coil, an outdoor condenser, an air handler, and a compression unit. This type of AC costs between £1,500 and £2,500, including the cost of labour.
  • Central air system: this type of air conditioning system has all the three parts of a split air conditioning system bundled as a single unit. It costs between £2,500 and £5,000.
  • Portable unit: this type of AC system is recommended for people who live in a mid-climate environment who may only need an AC for a few weeks of the year. The cost of this AC type varies depending on the brand. However, the price is right around the cost of a window unit.

Factors that affect the cost of AC installation

  1. Ductwork: Many newly constructed houses have good ductwork. Older homes that do not have a good ductwork and vent system would cost additional money to create one.
  2. Type of AC: the type of air conditioning your home needs has a significant impact on the cost of your air conditioning installation
  3. Where you live: the cost of labour for workers is different from location to location. Living in an area where the cost of labour is cheap could significantly lower the cost of installation.
  4. Structure and size of your home
  5. You choose the SEER rating: a 14 SEER ac unit costs about £1,800 to £4,300 to install, whereas installing a 16 SEER AC unit costs between £3,000 and £6,500.
  6. your desired brand
  7. Timing: scheduling your ac installation for the year when contractors are not so busy can reduce your ac installation cost. During summer and winters, contractors are usually busy as those are the hottest and coldest times. Scheduling your installation outside these two peak times could not only save you some money but also get your work done faster.


How Much For Air Conditioning Installation